My Earlier Work

This gallery consists of images from past series and earlier work. Representative pieces have been selected and are grouped in the image menu on the right by series or period.

I started using acrylics in 1993. Sadly, I discovered they made me ill. It has been a challenge to satisfy my painting inclinations of dialogue and change, being restricted to watercolour. This led me eventually to explore the plate surface of particular papers and archival illustration board. This surface gave me the freedom to make changes as my heart decreed. It is a forgivable surface, where the colour can be removed easily and interesting surface textures emerge.

Water Lilies combine two unique elements, flower forms and water. The latter has two distinct qualities, the ability to reflect and the aspect of movement. These are characteristics that I enjoy working with and find them applicable in a broad range of subjects including people, cats and birds. I called one of my water lily exhibitions the White Protagonist since, as a colourist, I find it an interesting challenge to work with a white subject.

Flowers have been a dominant force throughout my career. Early on I was drawn to flowers by their wonderful colours, shapes and poses that still engage me to this day. They are beautiful brief visitors in our lives.