My Cats and Birds

""The smallest feline is a masterpiece.".

Leonardo Da Vinci

Cats are a favorite animal of mine and I have been painting them for years. Cats are natural posers, graceful and affected. It is so easy to anthropomorphically assign human attitudes to them. I enjoy using creative colours in depicting them, for added visual excitement.

Like cats, herons have a beautiful form and attitude, just by being themselves. In the Heron Series I was exploring integration and overlapping of forms, melding one bird with the next to flatten the picture plane. I was working with both organic and geometric shapes, opaque and transparent colours.

I have been fascinated by land/water forms for years, and have been integrating them subtly into my images. Look closely at “The Sisterhood” you can just make out the land mass of North and South America. The Herons are a series primarily based on the circle.

This gallery contains representative work in a number of styles. Some images have a commercial orientation while others are very personal and exploratory.