…art can manifest itself if the painter is true, if he knows how to bring into the world what he carries inside him.

Alfred Pellan

About My Work...

My work is an odyssey of exploration of both personal inner space and external visual space. It is a journey of discovery of internal imagery and the process by which I make it manifest in the world.

It should be evident that I have a passion for colour. I also have a love of the complex structures that emerge by overlying transparent planes and forms. I see a resonance with the prismatic abstract style of Lyonel Feininger. The properties of visual space remain  one of my primary points of interest.

I hope, as you explore these galleries, you find some of the excitement that comes form creating these works.

About This Site...

I have organized my work into galleries by year. The thumbnail images in the right-hand thumbnail sidebar can be scrolled  to search the work for the particular year chosen. The work in each gallery is arranged roughly from most recent to least. Images are grouped thematically and separated by a text divider.

Themes or series continue from year to year as the spirit moves me. Sometimes I think a series is finished, only to have new insights develop that are clearly a continuation of the series. I may arbitrarily decide that a new series is to begin instead.

Each image has a commentary attached to its description, callable by clicking on its sidebar thumbnail. This is more a personal diary  in which I  capture notes and observations I feel relevant to the  work. It also acts as a guide to the interested viewer.